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(It seems I now have a tendency to tune in whenever there is a game character cameo [case-in-point: Subway Brothers] or a gym battle. I still need to watch Clay's battle asdfghjkl)

Finding Skyla's voice incredibly familiar (and me being bad with voice actor names), I decided to check Bulbapedia, and found that she was voiced by Kana Ueda, i.e. Rin from Fate/Stay Night! That was interesting.

Anyhow, I thought Cilan provided a very good set-up for the next episode. I mean it was kinda sad seeing him go into a Heroic BSOD but if he won that battle then, in my opinion, Ash's battle wouldn't be as exciting anymore! Or something like that, I don't really know.

In any case it didn't happen, so yeah Can't wait to see the next episode!!

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