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    Originally Posted by shinyabsol1 View Post
    PGE can't set the new Pokemon to appear in the wild. You have to manually edit the wild data with a hex editor.
    Hi there. Nice to hear a word form you. But this has been my problem all the way from the beginning. I have been asking every one just how to use hex editor to change pokemon locations. At last I was given advice to go with pge. I am not a game maker or such. Just wanted to make a game for myself with all pokemons in it. I have added a new map called land of legends in my game where all the 5th gen pokemons would appear and made certain temples map,a shaymins way as was in diamond pearl. A cottage for Darkrai event. Have put in the sprite. Now I am struck on putting locations from last 2 months. Can't concentrate on nothing. Want to put a script on sprite in a map,a using Poketronic,but above chimeco not avaiable. So can u plz tell me least how to use hex. Just give me one example, say to add kyurem and I will do the rest. Plz tell me in detail plz. I know I have to use hex but how...thanx to all in advance.