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The fact that I love most of the Abyss antagonists is actually a reason why I love Symphonia more haha. I mean... I love Mithos but other than the Zelos route he's really the only antagonist that you directly kill (twice sobsobsob). All the other ones suck and deserved to die so it's really fun killing them (I'm talking to you guys, Five Grand Cardinals. You all suck for your own reasons and thus killing you is a pleasure! ♥)

The Abyss antagonists though I love them except Mohs and Van really and thus it's all NO WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KILL YOU ALL. It makes me sad and makes fighting them less enjoyable.

Thus there is a higher number of enjoyable bosses in Symphonia than in Abyss. Yes my mind works a weird way leave me alone.

Guy is more like Lloyd because they're both faster. Luke on the other hand is more like Kratos and Zelos due to the fact that they're slower (and even more so because Luke and Asch are kind of like Kratos and Zelos in which you never really have them in your group at the same time. In Symphonia there is only one time and that is only if you choose the two of them to go with you in the Iselia Human Ranch).

and yes omg i'm not one of the only ones in the world who dislikes luke x tear if I read your post correctly. thank god.
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