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It's like trying to ship Kratos with anyone. I mean yes I ship Regal with Raine but did Regal get married and have a baby? No. Asch and Natalia are fiances so regardless of what happened to Asch it's still hard for me to ship Natalia with anyone else. I don't ship Luke with anyone either because Luke x Tear is nauseating and is rushed. I love Lloyd x Colette because they're childhood friends and thus it makes sense that they would have moments in the game (and if you don't like the two you can even avoid some of those times fff). But god Luke x Tear they shove it down your throat and I'm all 'fdksafgjks NO'.

My favorite pairing in Abyss is Guy x Noelle followed by Ion x Anise and Sync x Arietta. ♥
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