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Originally Posted by paranvoi View Post
Hmm but if I understand correctly, XSE has to be used in conjuct with Advance Map, right? For actually inserting the text. But with A-Map I don't think you can edit anything other than the dialogue. What would you suggest I do for editing for example the text in the battle screen, as well as menu text, map text etc?
You can just replace the dialogue w/ A-Text, or even re-point it. I think A-Text gives you the option to re-point it automatically, but I've never used it. But you could try it.

Otherwise, you would have to re-point it yourself using a hex editor. If you did that, you could locate the offset of the text by using A-Text, then search for the reversed pointer in a Hex editor (if the offset was 654321 for instance, you would need to search for 21 43 65 08 in a hex editor - 08 always gets added to the end of the pointer). If you find that data in hex, you can just replace it w/ the offset to your new dialogue that you want displayed. But using A-Text to re-point would be a lot easier, I'm just not sure how reliable it is.