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    Chapter 4 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    We ended up playing a few board games, actually. And, not to brag, but I won most of them. Not all, because I didn’t want Kerin to know I had been cheating. Seeing the near future, I was able to mess up his strategy. But, I knew cheating was bad. My excuse for doing so was that it was practice for the games. After talking with Xavier during training, I knew I couldn’t just depend on Kerin and my other friends to save me. I needed to learn how to control my visions, since that was the best skill I had. Well… Besides my agility and newly discovered specialty at water element magic.

    My eyes drifted over to the paper and pens at Kerin’s desk. Perhaps it would be easier to interpret visions if I drew pictures? I frowned at the idea. Though I did love to do creative work, I knew that Natruo wouldn’t set up pens and paper as weapons. Thus, that idea flew out the window. My mind wandered back to the game as Kerin won. A smile manifested on my face, as I clapped at his victory. It was a simple game that didn’t require much effort, so I had been able to think of important things while being entertained.

    I let out a yawn that wasn’t entirely faked. It had been a tiring day. After seeing a few scenes in the future, I assumed that I would need my strength for tomorrow.

    “Kerin-onii-sama,” I plopped my head on his shoulder. “I’m tired… Can we go to bed?” Not like he was the one keeping us up. It was my idea, after all, to play games.

    I quietly began gathering the pieces of the game, and putting it away back in the box. Not only was I tired, but a worry-some headache was plaguing my temples at a rhythmic pace. I didn’t want to make Kerin freak out, so I kept it to myself.
    Once everything was cleaned up, I stumbled to my feet and wandered over to the closet, where I lazily picked out a pair of slightly-big fuzzy pyjamas, and slipped into the bathroom. I took my time in there; getting dressed and looking myself over in the mirror. Why did I have to stop growing at the age of eight? Even though I’ve been alive much longer than that… I would always be an eight year old with a highly adapted of being alive. I touched my cheeks, and a shiver trembled from my fingers.

    Outside the bathroom, I immediately collapsed onto Kerin’s bed. I honestly wouldn’t be able to carry myself back to my own room. I assumed he wouldn’t mind, and I crawled under the covers. Sleep caught me quickly, and I drifted off into the endless darkness of dreams.
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