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So, the unofficial patch is done.
Full game download
Scripts file only (if you already have Raptor EX installed, download this, then unhide the Data folder and put this inside).

Fixed stuff:
  • Dive fix (shouldn't crash any more when you use Dive)
  • Mystery Gift bugfixes + revival (I've changed the URL to point to my previous post; to get the new gift, you'll have to update)
  • Replaced Phione egg with Manaphy egg, and made Manaphy breedable for Phione
  • Removed move effectiveness messages when targeting Arceus plates with multi-hit moves; hopefully this should make the battle a bit more bearable
  • Randomised forms for Shellos/Gastrodon/Burmy/Wormadam/Rotom. Shellos and Burmy don't have sprites for their alternate forms, so which one you really get is pot luck at the moment (will be changed)
  • Rotom forms' types have been changed to their 5th gen types (there aren't any 5th gen Pokémon; I don't have time to put them in)
  • Can now Pal Park from Raptor EX save files. But obviously not from the same file :P

I'm trying to get into contact with Wichu or O.G. Duke; if they have anything against this, I'll take it down immediately.
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