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Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
I think more people need to vote nominate in the RPAs. Hey, I was gone a whole month and I still voted nominated! :P

Digimon seems popular, lately.
Digimon/Pokémon crossover? Well, either way it should be set in the Pokémon world, with the Digital world being . . . y'know . . . digital. Unless you did something weird and made Pokémon the digital creatures. Like . . . having it set in the real world, pulling a digimon and putting some kids in the computer, or Pokémon game, or whatever. Still, weird.
No that could actually work! To have the humans drawn into a game, like the pokémon game, but have digimon instead of pokémon, or pokémon AND digimon, or... *mind spouting ideas*

I think it's very difficult to decide on whom to nominate.