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    I continued to run through the forest. My bare feet stepped on acorns and i was too afraid to look at how damaged they were. As i ran i punched the air again, like a boxer, like Champ. It made me feel proud of who my spirit is. there really wasnt anyone around, i felt hopeless. I might have to go into a town or something if i want to find people. And what should our team name be? How strong are we going to be? Too many questions formed into my head and i had to take a short pause because i had a head ache. How are you feeling? Champ asked, I can tell you are excited about this team thing

    "Im fine, i just got a little headache." I told him.

    Okay clear your mind Champ said. I just ignored him and started to run again. My headache was beginning to clear and i began to run faster. The forest seemed deserted but yet i knew that i wasnt alone. the thought made me shudder a little bit. Suddenly, another kid popped out from behind a tree and raised both of his arms in front of me.

    “Hey, hey, whoa there! Where’s the fire, kid?” He yelled.

    I stopped running and observed him. He looked pretty tough, but then i noticed he was floating. I took a step backwards in horror. I am not used to meeting people, let alone floating people! I let out a weak shriek of terror.Relax! Calm down! You look like a wimp right now! Champ yelled, Talk to him! Answer his question! He asked where the fire was. What fire was he talking about? There was no fire around, or atleast i didnt see a fire anywhere. Why would he want to know where the fire was?

    "Um...I dont know where the fire is..." I replied sheepishly, "I was just looking for some people to join my team."

    Maybe, just maybe, this guy wants to help me. He looks tough enough to fight with me. As a matter of fact, it looks like he is tougher than me!
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