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As the kid came to a stop, he suddenly let out a small shriek, taking Al’ completely by surprise. It didn’t last long however, as he used the time where the kid was trying to compose himself to let out a cackle, folding up his legs underneath him to sit in the air with them crossed below him.

“Wuahahahaha~ It’s so much fun to scare people! Am I riiiiight?” Al’ broke into a broad grin, giving his already rather creepy figure with his slightly dark-purple skin, even darker purple hair that was jutting backwards and slightly piercing eyes, an even creepier look.
You’re right! And this guy is no exception~

"Um...I dont know where the fire is... I was just looking for some people to join my team."

This, once again, caught Al’ a little off-guard, not expecting someone not to know what this kind of phrase meant. Though he –did- look like he had just fallen into a bush and then stumbled out of it, just to hit his head on a tree.

Al’, after getting his bearings again, let out another laugh, this time sounding more like an amused chuckle as his body slowly moved around, ‘falling’ backwards before ending up with his legs still crossed, hanging upside-down while watching the kid with a wide grin.

“Too bad! Seems like it got away, huh? You’re looking for people to join your ‘team’…? What kind of team are we talking here~?”

While speaking, the boy continued floating about at random, eventually ending up with his legs crossed once again, hanging in front of him.

You think this guy would be fun to follow around, Fog? He seems kind of clueless.

“Mmmh, I dunno~ Best way to find out would be to wait and see! Though I am getting hungryyyy…”

His stomach involountarily growled again and he narrowed his eyes ever so slightly, though not seeming hostile in the least.
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