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    -After a while, it seemed pretty evident that the man or woman knocking was not going to leave. I hated too persistent people, as in the annoying girl scouts who tried to sell you their cookies after you telling them no about 15 times, even a hunters knife wasn't enough to keep them away! "Ugh..." I moaned in annoyance as I dragged myself off my bed and flopped on the floor, getting up slowly and walking slowly towards the door. My metal plated boots didn't make so much as a sound as I walked over the clean soft carpet, that I wouldn't mind just dropping on right now and dosing off.

    As I reached the door, I looked through the mini window thing they put in every door so that you don't just open the door for the "pizza guy" with a knife hidden under the box and of course I saw a white jacket, someones chest, no face. "Great, some giant freak stealing my style now..." I thought in my head, my minds voice irate. I looked back at my bed with great longing in my eyes before I finally sighed and pulled back the door and look up at my visitor... well another god really.-

    "Can I help you?"

    -The same face and tone that I had used when I was talking to Bernkastel was the same that was reflected on my features right now. This was a god no doubt, I could feel the power emanating from him, but he didn't quite look like our game master Natruo, he looked more relaxed and uncaring really... but that didn't change the fact that he was trying to steal my white coat style. Unacceptable.-

    "What do you want?" I asked in a annoyed tone leaning against my door with my arms crossed, my eyes bearing an annoyed glint within them.
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