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    Allegra stood alone in a long, dark hallway, a feeling of fear rising up in the pit of her stomach. Sure, she had managed to trick the guard and escape from her cell, but now where was she supposed to go? Both sides of the hallway look exactly the same: bare walls, steel doors, flickering lights. How was she supposed to know which way was out?

    Deciding randomly to go right, she walked briskly but quietly down the hall. Her well-worn shoes barely made a sound on the cold stone floor. Coming to a turn, she slowly moved to look around the corner. No one was there. The girl sighed in relief and continued on her way.

    She continued like this for what seemed like an eternity, when in reality it was probably only a few minutes. Seeing a staircase in the near distance, Allegra began to walk faster in excitement. A staircase going up could only lead her closer to freedom, right?

    Unfortunately, when she was a only few metres away from the stairs, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming down them. Her acute hearing could tell her that there were exactly three sets of footsteps: three guards. Allegra stood there unmoving, frozen with fear and indecision. She could run away fast enough so they wouldn't see her, but then she'd be going backwards. But if she stayed here or moved forwards, she would have to fight them to get out. She really didn't like fighting.

    The seconds ticked past as the guards got closer. It was time to make a decision, or else it would be made for her.
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