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Rafael looked around and smiled as he finally knocked down the tree with a powerful shadowball attack. He transformed back into his fused form as he grew some pink ears and a pink tail. He started to glow a little bit as he used the move Calm Mind and his psychic powers went up a little bit. He did it again and he felt like he could do anything and his eyes glew and a weird aura surrounded the fallen tree and he picked it up and put it back in place after a lot of struggle. He passed out after overusing his powers and laid down on the floor looking like he was sleeping. He unfused as if he had to in order to survive.

" I told you not to over do it Rafael " Espy said to its master as it laid next to it while still in spirit form. After a little bit he woke up and saw two others in the forest and decided to try and approach them hoping that they would be allies not enemies. The closer he got the more confident he felt that they would be allies to him
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