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    Chapter Five

    Marcus yawned as he walked through the forest and he looked up above him to try and get at least a guess for what time it was. But it didn’t work out, the trees were blocking out any hope that he had for trying to use some form of survival skills. But either way, it felt like the boy had been up for days, maybe it was the stress from the whole Ekans attack thing or maybe he had actually been awake a lot longer than he had originally planned. The amount of trainers in the forest were dwindling, rather than seeing one every ten seconds he barely saw anyone. Maybe he wasn’t headed in the right direction to get to Pewter or maybe people were just giving up.

    The boy wasn’t exactly sure so he decided to just keep walking and hopefully he’d either run into someone who could tell him where he was or he’d get out of here and to Pewter City. Marcus turned and looked over his shoulder, he felt eyes glaring at him. Not like you could actually feel that but in general, the boy felt like someone was following him. In an eerie forest, with no one around him, the boy was worried about it all. But he turned his head back and kept walking and searching for a way out of the forest. If he could get there then maybe he’d be able to compete for a Badge and then make his first official steps into the Pokemon League.

    After what felt like half an hour, Marcus finally stopped moving all together and he looked around, the boy was getting tired and this looked like as good of a place as any to catch an hour or so of shut eye. He found a tree and sat down putting his back to it as he took in his surroundings. The tree’s here seemed to be closer to one another than they were back at the beginning of the forest, and the ground didn’t have a path to it anymore either. Instead you could see where Pokemon have pushed down the grass and a few trainer’s foot prints. The boy was pretty sure that he was lost and that he’d have to spend a few hours after he woke up finding his way back to the main path and maybe eventually he’d wind up in Pewter City.

    After sitting with his back against the tree for awhile he finally drifted off into his dreams. But before he could reach the level of unconscious where he would be able to dream he was woken up. Instead of coming face to face with another trainer, Marcus’ eyes were right in front of a dog like creature. Its nose was right in Marcus’ face and he could feel the heat that was behind its breath. Not a normal warmth but an actual heat, as if there was fire in every breath. The dogs fur was as black as the night but there were accents of red on its underbelly and even a few parts of what seemed like bone sticking out here and there. The creature backed away and Marcus was able to see that there were two horns stickign out of its head and even what appeared to be a collar around its neck.

    Marcus finally realized what he was face to face with, a Houndoom, the dark pokemon that was brought over by Johto trainers as Houndoor. Some trainer must have released it or one of its predecessors and they took up home here in the forest. The boy watched as smaller dogs appeared behind the Houndoom, some were the pre-evolved form known as Houndour and there were even some Poochyena and Mightyena mixed in with the group. Marcus’ eyes were brought back to the Houndoom though, it was the largest in the group, its horns bent far back on its head, and it seemed upset. The dog started to growl and took a step forward, moving closer to Marcus.

    The boy didn’t know what to do so he did what he was sure any trainer would do. He gripped one of the Pokeballs on his waist and tossed it out, praying that this was more than just an empty Pokeball. He smiled when he saw the Cubone escape from the Pokeball and stare down the dog that was in front of it. The dog had easily three feet on the Cubone but instead of showing any fear, the skull topped Pokemon rushed forward, lifting its bone up and attempting to club at the dog. Each attack ended up missing, one by one the dog moved out of the way and showed that its speed was more than the level that Cubone had.

    The battle didn’t last long, Cubone tried to strike the the hell hound but each time he was met with failure. The Houndoom didn’t even need to fight back against the small Pokemon, instead he just dodged and waited until the Cubone was overcome with fatigue. And then it happened, as if needing to show its dominance the dog lifted its head up and Marcus watched as flames escaped from the creature’s mouth, filling the air above it with the powerful fire. It brought its head down and started to use the attack on the Cubone, burning the small creature until it fainted.

    With a howl the dog opened its mouth and brought it down to the Cubone and it seemed like it was trying to attack the unconscious Pokemon. Marcus was in shock, this is the second time that a pokemon had almost died since he got to the Forest. He pulled out the Cubone’s pokeball and recalled the creature before staring at the angry Houndoom. The boy was terrified, his heart was pounding so loud that he felt as if he could hear it, but he wouldn’t back down, his eyes were locked with the angry Pokemon and after a few drawn out moments the dog turned and led its pack away.

    Marcus put his back to the tree and slid down it once again, he couldn’t go back to sleep now but everything was just so much. The world of a Pokemon trainer wasn’t what he thought it was. It wasn’t all glamorous battles and the Pokemon didn’t always listen to you. The world was a scary place and Marcus wasn’t sure whether or not he could make it in this lifestyle.
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