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    I watched the kid in astonishment as he floated around the area. I didnt realize how creepy looking he was. His purple hair was kind of normal, but his purple skin freaked me out like crazy! I couldnt really tell what kind of pokespirit he was.I'm not a pokemon whiz, they lived 100 years ago! But something told me he was a ghost type, which was strong against me because my pokespirit is a fighting type. I think i should approach him with caution, he could easily kill me with his type advantage.

    “Too bad! Seems like it got away, huh? You’re looking for people to join your ‘team’…? What kind of team are we talking here~?” His ghastly voice sent shivers down my spine. I also really wanted to know where the fire was now, but something tells me that he was tricking me about that.

    "Well...i want to start a team of pokespirit wielders...and we can know...fight evil people." I said sheepishly.

    I was pretty certain that this guy wasnt going to join me. He probably thinks that i am gullible and dumb because of that fire trick. But how can i prove that i am not?
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