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    Chapter 4 - Somal - God District

    Without any sort of greeting, a new person entered the room; making the servants scatter nervously to the side or back into the kitchen. Only one servant seemed to have the bravery (or idiocy) to ask the man if he'd like anything. His eyes, grey-yellow and narrowed, looked upon the woman attempting to give a kind smile. With a grunt, he grabbed the startled young girl by the wrist, and threw her in the direction of another young girl. “No thank you, I don’t need your childish services.” A polite smile was flashed their way, but his words definitely weren’t as such. The servants cowered, and all fled to different rooms. Fixing his hat, he continued on his way to Ryuu’s table; only glancing once at the broken window. Sitting down across from the participant, the man pulled in his chair and layered a cloth across his lap. By the way he walked and obvious fear he gave the others, it would seem that he was in important person, and perhaps even had a military background. Underneath the hat, his hair was neatly combed in grey streaks. Afar he hadn’t looked too old, but up close one could tell that he was at least fifty years old. His body looked healthy and strong, but there were creases in his facial features that spoke of age. Nonetheless, he had the aura of someone to be respected and/or feared.

    “I assume the disappearance of the other table is your doing, Ryuu?” The man without a name fixed the sleeves of his sleek, pressed suit. “I approve.” Reaching out, he poured himself some coffee, and plopped a few sugar cubes inside. As he stirred, he introduced himself.

    “My name is Somal. I am your assigned guide for today, onwards.” Somal took a sip of his drink. “Let’s try to have fun, yes? Anyhow, the first thing we should do is figure out how we should have you win, before we worry about the interview.” He seemed to be confident in Ryuu’s ability to win the Population Games. From behind Somal, his wings stretched out for a moment. Black leather that had something like bone sticking out at the upper joint. On the outside, the surface was covered in small black spikes.

    “Who’s going to be the most entertaining for you to fight?” Translation; who was going to be strong and/or difficult to fight against?

    Chapter 4 - Venius Cloud - God District

    (To Be Editted)
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