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Jericho Heiko: Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio (United States of America)

Jeri grunted when he saw Jeremy's tattoo. It seemed like it was a lot cooler than his and a lot less bothersome, especially noting how he described it. The experience was pretty awesome, but it was greatly restrained by how annoying his own self-made tattoo was. The subject of tattoos in general seemed to activate his. An itchy, pirckly sensation started to pop up on his stomach and a heat followed with it. He gripped his seat, trying to resist the urge to scratch.

Jeri was not amused by Jeremy's superman flight. However, he was more curious as to why he said "let's go". Almost as if the thought of Jericho voluntarily going anywhere with him was a possibility. Then, it hit him. His eyes went wide and then narrowed.

"How do you know my name?" Now this was serious. It was already serious before, but now it was extra serious. This kid knew him, but he didn't know this kid. "Not even he knows what my name is," he continued, gesturing to Peter. It was true. Peter didn't know what his real name was. He only knew him as Jeri, which was just a nickname. He'd probably thought it was Jeremy or something, judging how he looked before Jeri asked Jeremy the previous question. No one he knew (other than his family and a few of their friends and his old teachers when they called roll) were aware his name was Jericho, simply because he never introduced himself as such. He was always Jeri and everyone left it at that, to his pleasure. Now here comes this kid who teleports into his car, invades his property and space, and now comes out knowing his name? There was something up here.

Jericho unbuckled himself and got out of the car as quickly as he could, backing up and keeping his eyes on this... Person. This person who had the nerve, the nerve, to ask him what his power is. "How do I know you don't already know?" Jeri asked, expecting some kind of... revealing retaliation. What else could he have expected? He'd never been in a situation like this before and in the movies, when people knew your name, it was some kind of organization doing some underground stuff you didn't want to get into. Both Peter and Jeri looked at Jeremy with that face you get when someone tells you something weird out of the blue. Then both their faces went aggressive. They were both ready if things came to swinging.

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