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The grin on his face only broadened slightly from the wary look on the kid’s face as he floated about ever so eerily. He tilted his head a little to the side as he began explaining what kind of team it was he was looking for.

"Well...i want to start a team of pokespirit wielders...and we can know...fight evil people."

A team of wielders to fight ‘evil people’, eh? Sounds an awful lot like hero talk to me! Pfah, heroes. Always with the selflessness and wanting to step in front of others to keep them safe.

Al’ rolled his eyes a little, not realizing he did it in person rather than just in his head. He lifted his arms to rest his elbows against his knees, his fists pushed up under his chin as he looked over the kid in front of him, smirking slightly.

“Evil people, huh? And I’m guessing you’d be the leader of this… ‘team’? What kind of evil people are we talking here~? Adults? ‘Evil’ spiritwielders? You got a plan for what you’ll do when you fiiiiind someone you want to fight?”

All the while he was talking to this guy, Al' neglected to notice the other kid beginning to move towards the two.
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