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For a while, Ryuu ate in silence as he basically inhaled down anything on his plate in bunches. He had the tablemanners of a...well, demon. That ended as another demon entered the room. Ryuu didn't immediately look up to see how it was until he had made a scene with one of the servants and began approaching him. Ryuu looked up from his food at the person who positioned himself opposite him. His mouth was still filled completely with all manner of food, so he didn't immediately tell him to go away.

“I assume the disappearance of the other table is your doing, Ryuu?” he said as he sat down. Ryuu had a full mouth, and so didn't speak right away. Instead, he turned his head back to the window which was broke, and back at the man. He contemplated throwing him out along with the table, but decided to see what he wanted first. It was a small change in his 'punch first, ask questions later' strategy he usually implements. Then again, Ryuu had to adapt quite a bit of different mannerisms and behaviors since coming here.

“I approve.” He said, reaching out to get some coffee. “My name is Somal. I am your assigned guild for today, onwards. Let’s try to have fun, yes? Anyhow, the first thing we should do is figure out how we should have you win, before we worry about the interview.”

Ryuu looked at Somal with a blank look. There were really only two questions going through his mind at the moment: What was he supposed to guide him with, and which window should he throw him out of? The other part of his introduction is what got him thinking a bit more. Ryuu recalled in the previous day how Bernkastel interrupted the fight between himself and Raike. The very remembrance of it caused his blood to boil. He remembered his vow. He was going to win, and he was going to do it one his own. No alliances, no partnerships, no nothing. But this talk of some interview is what caused him to get anxious. He didn't know what to make of it, but since it wasn't directly involved in fighting, he decided in his mind not to throw out the man from the window, and here what he has to say.

“Who’s going to be the most entertaining for you to fight?” He asked Ryuu. Ryuu thought for a moment in his mind at all the contestants. He singled out a few of them as those he thought may be pretty entertaining: Raike, Xavier, and maybe Kerin. There was Bernkastel too. However, he didn't want to say anything about it to this man. Still, there was something about the way the man spoke that Ryuu was slightly fond of. Instead of saying who was going to give him trouble, he said who would be the most entertaining, alluding to Ryuu's might. Instead of wondering how they would win, the man specifically said 'How we should have you win', alluding to the fact that he fully expected Ryuu to win, and there were in fact multiple options to reach that goal. Nevertheless, he preferred not to share these thought with Somal at this moment. Ryuu swallowed his food, and licked his lips, and he opened his mouth to speak for the first time.

"Listen, you. I don't know who you think you are, but I'll tell you this now. I'm going to win, without any help or guidance from you or anyone else here. I'll handle any fighting my own way. I don't need a guide, and I don't need a babysitter!"

Ryuu glared at the man for a moment, then continued. "But you said something about an interview, and that kinda sh*t is something that I don't know what to do, so explain to be first what the hell you were talking about."

As he awaited an answer from Somal, Ryuu shoved another mouthful of breakfast into his mouth, and chewed loudly.

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