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    Originally Posted by fortworth96 View Post
    My final RP idea is based around a book I'm writing, and would somewhat be to help me get over writer's block and decide on a few elements of the story, as well as for enjoyment. The name I'm thinking to use for it is Mystland: The Lost Guardian. I'm still working on building a plot for this one, but this is what I'm thinking of:

    In recent years, there has been an increase in kidnappings all over the world. The truth behind these kidnappings is that scientists are collecting test sujects and stowing them away to a land lost in time: Mystland. In this land, creatures only seen in fiction, and many never even heard of, roam wild, untouched by man except for the recent influence of the scientists. The scientists are taking advantage of the powers these creatures possess, finding ways to insert their traits in the children they kidnapped. Once the scientists made a mistake an enraged an especially dangerous creature, causing it to attack their lab. In the commotion many of the test subjects escaped. They learn from the some of more intelligent natives that the Guardian of Mystland disappeared at about the same time the scientists returned and that ever since then the land has slowly been dying. The escapees, curious and wanting to help - even if only for revenge - agree to help find the lost guardian.
    It looks like I'm going to go with this on. I'll have it up in a couple of weeks after I finish the plot and setting.

    Just a sneak peak for Mystland: The Lost Guardian ;D


    Coconut Grove- A string of coconut trees lining the edge of the Weeping Forest by the Shardike-eater Beach.
    Crevasse Lake- A large lake that is over a mile deep. The first 500 feet is warm water, but only a hundred feet further and the water is completely frozen except for a large crevasse in the ice right in the middle of the lake.
    Guardian's Grove- The deepest part of the Weeping Forest that is said to be the home of Mystland's guardian.
    Fallover Sea- The water from this sea pours over the edge of Mystland. If you aren't careful you'll get swept over.
    Fogbend Mountains- These mountains are full of twists and turns and are constantly cloaked in a thick fog.
    Laboratory- The laboratory where the test subjects escaped from.
    Pireel River- The smaller of Mystland's two rivers. It is infested with Pireel.
    Shardike Bay- An area of calm water where creatures that live in Fallover Sea can rest without risk of being swept over the edge of Mystland. It is mostly populated by shardike.
    Shardike-eater Beach- The only beach of Mystland that is the home to the mysterious shardike-eater.
    Sifter River- The longer of Mystland's two rivers. Its currents are constantly changing.
    The Veil- A thin layer of water over Mystland that hides it from any above it but still allows the inhabitants of Mystland to see out at the sky.
    Weeping Forest- The forest covering much of Mystland. If the weather is hot enough, certain trees perspire a sweet liquid which trickles down their trunks like tears.
    Whirlpool Chasm- The whirlpool within which is Mystland held up by a tall pillar of rock. The waters swirl away into a dark chasm.