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    So there's high-tech security there? That sounds rather fabricated, considering the entirety of Eterna isn't really a high-tech place aside from the run-down building they were in right now. Maybe the adults just like to cater to imprisonment, or Syrena's really trying to throw them off. Either way, they'll have to stay on guard because of security. "Also, Syrena says that... our powers won't work in there."

    Now that one has to be a straight-up lie, Sen mentally interrupted Alessa so she couldn't say anything. My moves were weaker than usual until I fused with you. Something about being disembodied left us rather powered down back on the earth. Maybe that didn't apply to Ghost types since they didn't really have bodies, so to speak, but that's getting off-topic. Alessa started up again.

    "I'll find out that last part for myself, sorry." She had her doubts about it, somewhat agreeing with Sen on it being a lie. Maybe a Pokémon spirit needs a body to use its moves. She checked outside again to confirm the coast was still clear and turned back to Scarlet and Syrena. If they wanted to get past the security grid that the Leafeon likely made up, they couldn't go the super-fun, super-spy kind of way. No, they had to do it the super-boring, EASY way. "We just have to get caught by the guards and we're in without a hitch. No security to deal with." Before she started moving, she directed her attention at Syrena. "You're probably thinking we'll betray you or we're just doing this for our own gain. I don't have anyone in there I'm trying to bust out, I frankly have no idea if I even know any of them...." Aly giggled out the last part, since the second reason she described was sort of correct, "Sen and I kind of just need something to do until someone at Children's City calls for us. We get bored easily."

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