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Kat noticed he stepped away. (Good. People fearing you is very good. That makes you look stronger.) Kat nodded and smiled. "Uh-huh. To Eterna City." Kat nodded. She only knows of the Underground. "Uh... Wheres that?" Kat said while they were walking. (One of the two or three cities left.) Kat nodded and said "Nevermind!" Kat thought of how he looked when she fused. Did he not have a spirit? "Uh... You have a Spirit right? If not, I cannot really travel with you. I can't protect a human. I wouldn't if I could anyway. Humans are stupid." Kat trailed off at the end. Candlelight was remembering his abuse years as an Eevee.
I love Wheatley. I don't care if you have an opinion of him other than he is awesome. He is just a cute Moron.

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