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    Chapter 4 - Somal - God District

    Somal took a second sip from his coffee; listening patientlyto what Ryuu had to say. When he finished, the demon set the cup down andsmirked. His wrinkles almost seemed to disappear with this kind of expression. “Ithink I’m a Nekooni, but I suppose that’s only because of the tail, hm?” Gazingback, he made sure the servants were still in the kitchen, before he replied tothe participant before him.
    “That’s exactly it, Ryuu. You don’t need a babysitter orsomeone to drag you around. You’re independent, unlike the others who will teaminto their little groups, and then cut each other’s throats while they’resleeping. “ The man crossed his arms. “And, you’re right. You are going to win.Not a doubt in my mind.”

    Taking off his hat, Somal fixed his hair while he continuedspeaking. “All participants in the Games are assigned a “Guide” for a lack ofbetter wording. We help you with the interview, and handle your points whileyou’re in the arena. I’ll get more into detail later. For now… The interview istonight. Basically, you and the others will be dressed according to the themeyour appearance and personality share, to impress the Gods and the rich. Theinterview is the time where sponsors will deliver ‘points’ to the participantsthey think have a good chance at winning. These points will either burn theskin off your victims flesh, or save your own hide from certain injuries orsituations you wouldn’t want to deal with.” He eyed Ryuu over calmly. “Points,which I will be keeping track of, are used to buy anything from a Band-Aid to anarmful of grenades. These things are either extremely rare inside an arena, orsimply banned from even being handled in the first place. With enough points,you could make the most illegal weapon or drug, legal in your possession.Though, I doubt you’ll need steroids to crush a couple dozen people.”

    A laugh, and he reached out to finish the rest of hiscoffee. “I won’t dress you into some sort of weird get-up. Actually, you’llprobably like how you obtain your look for the interview. I want you to be seenas sheer power; what you are. Your strength is unmatched, and you can easilyclear all the contestants around you, in their fancy dresses and suits. Youwill not show mercy, and you will win. That is the future I want the sponsorsto see. Agreed?”
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