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    He rolled his eyes at me, which made me feel a little sorry for myself. This guy didn't really seem to enjoy my presence. The guy always seemed to have a mishevious smirk on his face. He seemed like a good guy to be around. I always wanted to play jokes on people and get away with it. But on the farm i had no time to.

    “Evil people, huh? And I’m guessing you’d be the leader of this… ‘team’? What kind of evil people are we talking here~? Adults? ‘Evil’ spiritwielders? You got a plan for what you’ll do when you fiiiiind someone you want to fight?”

    Oh know! There were too many questions to answer! My mind was fumbling with different ways to find answers to his questions. I hadn't really thought about any of this stuff. I dont think i am cut out to be a leader of a team. I had no clue who we were going to fight, and i had no plan at all for when i fight them!

    "Um...well...I think that we should be a team where everyone is equal in leadership. We should probably start by fighting the adults because they are easy to defeat and can help us train. And as we get more people we can make up an assortment of battle strategies." I replied with self-satisfaction. It seemed like an okay idea.

    Thats actually a pretty good plan Reggie Champ said, Except, how is everyone on this "team" going to be equal in leadership?

    That was a pretty good point.

    "Well, maybe we can each be leaders in special tactics. Like we will each be in charge of something." I said to Champ.

    I guess thats an okay idea...lets see how this guy likes our original plan first though.
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