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While Reggie was explaining his plan, Al’ continued to float about, lifting a hand to scratch his chin thoughtfully while staring at him, the same foreboding grin continuing to stay on his face all the while.

"Um...well...I think that we should be a team where everyone is equal in leadership. We should probably start by fighting the adults because they are easy to defeat and can help us train. And as we get more people we can make up an assortment of battle strategies."

Pfcah. ‘Adults’? Now there’s a lot of people to be picking a fight with! What do you say, Fog…?

“Nyaaahahaha~ Sounds like he’s got his work cut out for him!”

Al’ went off into a wry snicker, his eyes locked on Reggie without actually seeing him, continuing to chatter internally with Fog. “Still, it sounds like he’s got something on his mind, if anything… something’s sure to happen around him! Maybe we should stick close… it might pay off. In excitement or food~”

Al’ nodded in quiet agreement to what Fog was saying, suddenly moving closer to Reggie, still hovering above the ground, his legs stretching out again, though not touching the ground. He looked him in the eyes for a few moments before letting out a laugh that could sound like he was mocking the kid, depending on who was listening in.

“Wuahahaha! You’ve got guts. Sounds like something interesting’ll be happening around you soon~ I’ll tag along with you for now. I’m Al’.”

The ghastly boy lifted a hand as if tipping an invisible hat to the kid in front of him, moving a little away again after having been sufficiently creepily close.

“Question iiiis… exactly what adults are you gonna go pick a fight with? Just waltzing into Eternia might not be the best of ideas~”

Fog then chimed in at the back of Al’s head. “Yeah! I might be a ghost, but I’m not exactly a suicidal one!” This caused Al’ to grin even wider, chuckling a little mentally while Fog was cackling away.
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