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    @Discordant Harmony For the maps it might be your browser. When I first joined I was still using IE and sometimes images just wouldn't pop up. I switched to chrome and everything worked properly. IE tends to have more problems than other web browsers so just hop onto a different browser and see if that makes any difference.

    @Black Hawk Here's three things you need to do.

    1) Edit your post and space out everything accordingly so that I can have an easier time reading it.

    2) Expand on your personality and history. Your appearance is fine from what I can tell, although it is hard to read over since everything is clumped together. I am expecting a much longer personality and history so please look over yours again and see if you can add anything to it. If you need help expanding you can always ask your fellow RPers for help or even me for ideas.

    3) Take your time! This RP isn't going anywhere and as you noticed we don't have a limit on the amount of players we can have. There's no need to quickly write down whatever ideas you have at the time. You can spend a day or two working up a concept for a character you want to enjoy playing as. Right now your character needs to have more depth and be something you are proud of.

    After you edit your SU tell me and I can give it another look over, so for right now I'll reserve you.

    Edit: @Discordant Harmony Yeah, I can send you the link.
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