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    Ok here is my SU... Tell me if I need to revise something (especially since the format is a little different).



    This file is property of Human Advances Through Science and Technology (HATST) unauthorized use of this information will be persecuted according to the Human Defense Intelligence Safety Act 32.1.12 Paragraph 4.

    Project Echo

    Subject’s Name: Unknown, scientists referred to him as Echo and he seemed to respond to this title.
    Estimated age of subject: 16

    Subject’s Gender: Male

    Appearance: Ever since the accident reports on the subject has varied over time. The latest report described him as the following:

    Survivor: “It was part of the darkness… it seemed to merge with the darkness when it wanted to… it moved through the dark rooms like some sort of horror film. It would suddenly appear and disappear at will. Our weapons seemed completely ineffective against it! Then it would appear next to someone and cut them down with that black sword that looked like a part of its hand and when they died they…”

    Investigator: “Ok we know the story, the question is what did it look like?”

    Survivor: “Sorry… it was all black like it was made of darkness, but darkness took on a shape of a human. Its sword seemed to be part of its hand or well you couldn’t really tell it was a hand holding a sword or if the sword was just a part of the arm. Sword had the same of a katana… not one of those knight like swords… you know the type swords you would see samurai using in history books.”

    Investigator: “Ok what did this “human” look like?”

    Survivor: “I would say it stood like 5 feet and 6 inches… it looked to be male for sure, but had long hair that fell to the middle of its back… well I’m assuming that was hair. Anyway it seemed to be wearing a robe of sorts with long sleeves that fell just past its wrists, and hid what most of its body’s shape and structure, but I would guess it was strong by how it fought. So a little muscular I guess. Its facial features were hard to make out, but it had a sharp chin. I couldn’t really make out its nose too well so I would guess it wasn’t very big, but it had one because I do remember seeing one... I think… I do remember seeing his eyes… yellow glowing eyes you could only see when it looked directly at you. Those eyes still haunt my dreams…”

    Subject Behavior:

    He was observed to be quiet, shy, and fearful, which only increased as the experiments began. Most interaction attempts with him were unsuccessful and he seemed to pull away from human contact. He was seen as resourceful and made several escape attempts a few of which were almost successful. Another attribute of his was his focused mentality. He seemed to focus on one task and was very determined to complete that chosen task. It also seems like he was a passionate person who threw his entire mind and body into a task he had set his mind to do.

    After the accident it was assumed he was killed however this assumption was wrong. After the mysterious disappearances of several of the scientists and other personnel associated with Project Echo, investigators were led to believe the subject somehow survived. After a survivor of an attack was left behind by the subject it was confirmed that it was in fact Project Echo behind the disappearances. Reports suggest he is rather cold and ruthless, and survivors were just lucky, or he wanted them to spread the word of his existence. His targeting of personnel associated with his experiments suggests a desire for revenge. Also Dr Javli, our psychologist, did mention the boy might have been going through a mental break down before the incident. If this is true it is likely he might become psychotic. Extreme caution must be used if you encounter this subject.

    There has been no positive contract with the Subject since his reappearance so it is likely he will kill anyone he meets.

    Subject’s History:

    The subject was captured soon after acquiring his Pokemon spirit. This was done on purpose since this is when they are the easiest to contain since they don’t know how to fully use their powers yet. This subject was perfect for our project since he appears to have no living relatives, or at least ones who care enough to take care of him. He lived on the streets alone until he was drawn to the stone to gain the powers of a pokemon.

    He was in the research lab for three years as scientists tried to find a way to give normal humans powers. After three years of failing in that endeavor, Dr Harthorn took the experiments in a different direction. He saw if he could force the next stage in human evolution, and thus Project Evolution or as it is now called Project Echo was born. The first breakthrough was sadly the last for the subject as the scientists tried to force Project E’s DNA and the Pokemon spirit’s to completely bind and become one. At first it looked successful as special chemicals forced the boy’s cells to mutate and absorb the spirit’s power on a physical level. However his body quickly started to reject much of the new cells and the subject at this point was completely saturated in the chemicals. The researchers could only watch as the subject’s collapsed into a black mist, all the while screaming in great agony. He was pronounced dead soon after, and there no remains were found. The mist the subject’s body had turned into seemed to have dissipated completely.

    <<New Entry>>

    It has been a year since the subject’s death and I am the only remaining living scientist of project Echo. As I write this I know he is coming for me. It appears we succeeded in forcing him to evolve, but I fear he has only evolved into a monster. We hoped for a symbol of the future, but instead we created a nightmare. I guess that is our punishment for trying to play god. To all who might read this do not make the same mistake as us… or you too will live only long enough to regret your actions. He is here I know my guards will not be able to protect me and I will not allow him to kill me there is only one thing left to do…

    Subject’s Pokespirit:

    It has been determined the pokespirit was a Spiritomb with yellow eyes and mouth instead of green, and much darker in color.

    Pokespirit’s nickname:
    No name was ever mentioned for the Pokespirit.

    Pokespirit’s personality:

    I believe the pokespirit and the subject have completely merged together meaning their personalities have likely merged into one. In essence they are now the same being, and there is no actually difference between the two. My theory is the Pokespirit’s personality is what is driving his lust for revenge, and his attacks on the scientists. Research into the Pokemon known as Spiritomb reveals the Pokemon was perceived as “evil” and this is likely the reason the once shy and reserved subject has begun a killing spree.

    My second theory is that they are two minds in the same body and while they work together a vast majority of the time it is likely they can have different thought patterns at times, but only one can dominate the complete consciousness at a time. However either of these theories will remain unconfirmed since it is impossible to study this subject.

    Moves: Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Faint Attack, Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, and Giga Impact

    Notes: Echo has been seen wielding a black sword. This weapon is either made from his body or is wrapped with his powers. The most disturbing aspect of this weapon is when it delivers a killing blow the victim’s body begins to turn black and break apart spreading from the killing wound until the victim is nothing more than a cloud of darkness. Some of which Echo seems to absorb. It is likely this is why his body has been observed in several different forms progressively looking more and more human… He is absorbing others to become stronger and to be able to take on a more physical form.

    <<End of File>>


    RP Sample:

    Bullets tore into the wall just to Echo’s right as the two guards protecting his target opened fire on him with their submachine guns. Echo had quickly moved behind a corner so he would not get hit. He could survive a barrage of weapon fire, but it still brought him pain. He didn’t want to feel any more pain it was so unpleasant. The fact these men were trying to hurt him caused him to quickly become angry. His anger then began to twist into hate as he rose his sword to his face. Focusing his energy a mass of darkness moved through the dark room, and down the hall toward the two mercenaries. Echo had already destroyed all the lights in the room and the extension of himself could not been seen by the mercenaries’ night vision goggles. The darkness moved behind one of the men just as they stopped firing their weapons to reload another clip. Echo’s entire form faded into the darkness, and instantly appeared where his extension was. Reaching out his right hand his weapons quickly manifested itself as a pure black blade just as he fully formed behind one of the guards.

    The two humans turned to face the nightmare that had suddenly appeared behind them, but they couldn’t even bring up their weapons before Echo struck the first man. He brought his blade down hard in a downward striking movement that cut across one man’s back splashing blood all over the floor. Just as he completed the strike he flipped the blade around in his hand and preformed an upward strike.

    The second mercenary guard could only watch helplessly as his comrade was slashed five times so rapidly that his eyes couldn’t seem to keep up with the horror’s actions. Terror filled his mind as he stumbled with replacing his weapon’s clip as his comrade’s lifeless body began to collapse and turn into darkness. Snapping the clip in place with a click that confirmed it was locked in correctly, he lifted his weapon to his shoulder as the monster did a side wards slash with its sword sending out a powerful blast of pure dark energy that warped and twisted around as it flew into the guard. The pulse of dark energy sent the frantic mercenary flying backwards into the closest wall. The impact with the wall was so great he could feel several of his bones breaking as he went through the outer wall and almost through a large support beam.

    Echo charged forward at the man he had blasted with his dark pulse, and before the man could recover he shoved his blade deep into the man’s heart. The man looked down at the blade as his chest began to succumb to the devouring darkness that enveloped the blade. “**** you frea…” gasped the man as his eyes glazed over and his body dissipated into nothing.

    With the last of the guards dealt with there was only one thing left to do. His hatred filled his mind as he thought about all the pain his next target had caused him. Finally his vengeance would be complete and his hatred and lust for revenge would be satisfied. Walking up to the massive wooden doors he slashed them with his blade causing them to burst open in fragments. His reckless power seemed to be fueled by his hate, and finally he would unleash that hate upon the last scientist who had done this to him. The man sat in his vast library at a maple desk across the room with a smug look on his face and a pistol in his hand. Echo charged forward to finish what he started, but before he could reach his target the room filled with a loud bang as the pistol discharged.

    Echo couldn’t believe what had just happened, his anger and hatred filled his mind and violent energy began to flow around his blade. The scientist had shot himself in the head, and now his body and what was left of his head were slumped over his desk. As a last act of defiance the man had denied Echo his revenge. All the others had begged or fought him, but this man had taken his own life instead. Echo yelled in anger and unleashed a powerful strike with his blade against the desk and the man’s body. Dark energy exploded outward as the blade completely destroyed everything in its wake.

    Echo then stood there glaring at the mess in front of him. He wanted to kill his tormentors… he wanted to take their lives. He wanted to use the powers they had cursed him with to kill them. Turning around he began walking out of the room. The man might have denied Echo the kill, but in the end Echo had hunted down and seen the deaths of every member of the research team, perhaps that would be good enough.

    Two Days Later

    Echo pulled his blade out of the younger child's chest as the fire in the girl's eyes went out. "Why? I never meant..." whispered the girl with her last dying breathe as his blade's powers wrapped around her dying body to consume her. She wasn't a skilled fighter and he had easily cut her down. He had just been walking out in the night when she spat out a flame in his direction. He didn't understand why she would provoke him to attack and then ask for mercy. She had screamed sorry and it was an accident as he attacked her. She claimed she was just trying to see who it was in the dark. It didn't matter to Echo she had attacked him so he killed her.

    As the blade consumed her it felt different than when he attacked humans. Her power... it filled him more than any human. He suddenly felt more alive... more human. As the last bit of her red hair was consumed by the blade's powers Echo was filled with a strange strength that he had never experienced before. Looking at his left hand he could see it taking more physical properties. This power... it felt so good, he could feel more strength pulsing through his body. A wicked grin formed on his face. 'I could get used to this...' thought Echo as he swung his blade testing out his new strength.

    Note: Echo is basically made of darkness thus how strong he is at any given point is actually influenced by the amount of darkness that surrounds him. Thus on a dark night where the moon and stars are blocked by clouds or deep underground he is much stronger than normal. However when its midday in an open field where there are barely any shadows he is very weak. Due to this its rare to see him out at day unless its lurking in the shadows somewhere. This all being said he is not a vampire, the sun will not kill him... it just reduces his effectiveness in combat.
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