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Anabel Falkner - Somewhere over Europe

"How nice of Atticus! Nikolai? Would you be able to get Helena a drink?" Annie leaned over her chair and pointed at the fridge in the small kitchen before the cockpit. "There's water, juice, milk, soda, alcohol if you're keen," she joked. "Pretty much anything."

"Annie," Helena started, "when we get to France... what will happen with me and Nikolai?"

"Well, I'm not usually the one in charge of handling new recruits," Annie turned to her computer and tapped away, continuing on with what she was doing before they were rudely interrupted by a shaky take-off. Natalia and Atticus had now gone silent, a good sign. Hopefully, it meant that they were done fighting. Or, it could mean Atticus was preparing himself for Natalia's aftershock. "But, as far as I know, when we get to HQ, you will be going to do some training so that you can get a better hold of your ability." Annie turned to Helena, beaming at her. Invisibility! She herself had done a fair amount of reading up on Helena but invisibility was such an interesting power. What was the extent of it all? Did it mean intangibility, like Natalia? Imagine if the two teamed up! They would be an excellent sneak or spy duo.

Natalia emerged first from the backroom, her face serious with a hint of frustration. At least she was done. Poor Natalia, she had all of this pent up anger. She needed an outlet of some kind, it was just a misfortune that Atticus had to be at the receiving end. He emerged also and as Natalia exited to the cockpit to talk to Cooper, no doubt, Atticus fell into a chair with a half sour look on his face.

"So!" Annie broke the awkward, "can I see your invisibility? It sounds so interesting. Have you got a fair grip on it yet?"
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