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Scarlet Johnson

Scarlet listened to Alessa as she said. "I'll find out that last part for myself, sorry." Of course she meant the part about power's not working, Scarlet doubted that too. Maybe it was just a excuse for Alessa not to try and teleport them, as Syrena thought, to the guards. Her partner then cheked once again to see if the coast was clear, when she turned back to her she said. "We just have to get caught by the guards and we're in without a hitch. No security to deal with." A voice in her head then said, "Don't! That has got to be a trap, come on!" It was Syrena, this time it kinda made sense 'cause getting caught by guards? how would they escape.

"Shut up Syrena! I know it sounds kinda.... risky, but it's worh it. And beside's, even if it is a trap nothing can hold us!" Scarlet replied without hesitation. Alessa then looked at Syrena, she probably knew that she wouldn't liek the idea. Of course. "You're probably thinking we'll betray you or we're just doing this for our own gain. I don't have anyone in there I'm trying to bust out, I frankly have no idea if I even know any of them...." She giggled a little at the end of her sentence, Scarlet didn't know anyone there either. She just wanted to do something to pass the time, something fun/ But getting caught by guards might be fun.... you know.

And even if they did get caught, nothing can stop them. Maybe... Then Alessa continued. "Sen and I kind of just need something to do until someone at Children's City calls for us. We get bored easily." Scarlet's eye's opened wide. "Wow! I got bored easily too, im just doing this to pass the time." Scarlet crouched down a little more since she had rose her voice. "Anyway, are you sure we should let ourselves get caught by guards? Even I have my doubts about it."

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