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    MY SU!

    Name: Ludo Linfoi (if you know who this is, admit it. You have become sad because of him)

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon Species: Mienshao

    Job Title: Knight-Commander [If this is par with your expectations]

    Appearance: Ludo Linfoi, unlike other Mienshao who stood 4’07”, stands at a humble height of 4’03”. Ludo also weighs somewhere between 60-65 pounds, much lighter than his brethren. Also, his whiskers were dyed a deep red to differentiate himself from other Mienshao Knights. The tip of his “sleeves” was also dyed a deep red. The tuft in his tail, and his body bands were also set in the same color.

    He took much pride on his armor. Being the only thing where he can indulge in (no clothes or weapons as such), he takes care of his armor to the best of his ability. His armor is not heavy-set. This is due to Ludo’s speed-oriented battling style. Instead, he had it made of a light metal, and fitted exactly on him. It is colored deep-red, presumably from grinding cherry into powder. The blue Oran Berry, the symbol for Knighthood, stands out in front of the armor, just above Ludo’s heart.

    Ludo Linfoi without his armor and gem.

    Personality (Two paragraphs.): Ludo is a man that possesses a heart that is easily swayed. Even though he is senior in terms of year compared to the majority of the Knights, Ludo is the one man who still questions the motives of the Council. He cannot openly announce his thoughts to the world, as that would instantly mark him as a traitor despite being a Commander, so he secretly harbors all of it, and seeks answers through his duty as a Knight. He doubts everything concerning the council, especially in terms regarding the Mechanists. He does not share the same fervor about them, unlike the other Knight’s around them. Ludo seeks an answer to the greatest question in his life: why does the Council hate the Mechanists with such passion? Nevertheless, Ludo is the last man you will expect to betray the Council and violate the rules of Knighthood, despite his doubting heart.

    However, among the Knights community, Ludo is fairly well-known. Because of his amiable personality, coupled with the ability to have a few laughs every now and then, most of the Knights took a particular liking to him. He acts as a role model to new Knights, always praying to Arceus and the other gods.

    In battle against the Mechanists, despite his uncertainty of their goal, he follows his leaders with blind faith, always ruthless against the Mechanists. Even at a very young age, Ludo managed to gain victory over some major encounters between the Knights and Mechanists. He is a strong blade being wielded by the Council. An unstoppable blade that will smite anything against his belief. This strength he displayed elevated his status from being a simple Knight to being the Commander. He is the Commander loved by many, but feared by more.

    History: Ludo was “born” from a Knight named Henrik Linfoi and an unnamed woman. His father is really a proud man. All he wants is an heir to inherit his Knighthood. So when Ludo was born into this world, his mother was cast aside. All of Henrik’s attention was turned to Ludo. Ludo was raised to be the perfect Knight-apprentice. Chivalrous, religious, honest, brave; Henrik believed he raised Ludo perfectly. However, despite instilling this traits onto his son, he failed to satiate Ludo’s very inquisitive mind. It was all full of questions regarding Knighthood, Mechanists, the Orator, the Council. Henrik focused on giving Ludo to the knights. Henrik had Ludo undergone several training he had also undergone when he was preparing for Knighthood. He had him trained under various Knights of different expertise, having Ludo master each one of them. When the time came, Henrik himself trained Ludo to the extreme and was also bested by the fifteen year old. He was proud of his son. Ludo was a protegee.

    When Henrik died, Ludo was finally took to the custody of the Knights. He was observed to a bright and promising Knight. Always doing his daily prayers, unflinching in face of death, unquestioning. He follows what the Council and the Orator says without second thought, as expected of a Knight. In battle, Ludo was merciless against Mechanists; all his doubts gone when in battle. However, all his thoughts will return after the battle to haunt him. Why are they doing this? What exactly did the Mechanists do to offend the Council to such degree? The Knighthood was important to him, but he was not significant to them. What they didn’t know is the tempest raging on inside Ludo’s mind and heart. All they saw was a strong Knight capable of bringing the Mechanists down.

    When he was 27 years old, after a decade or more years of service to the Knighthood, he was elevated as the Commander. Being proven himself countless times in battle and in office, Ludo was seen to be a young Commander, and is capable of leading the whole Knight Army. Despite his lack of years (in comparison to other Commanders), Ludo makes up with the experience he gained in his ten-year tenure of being a knight. Ludo is happy that he got the position, but he felt really guilty. He’s not a proud man, but he is afraid to let the whole community know of what he thinks. For now, he plans on submitting to the orders of the Council and the Orator, his valiant but blind faith leading him on.

    Moveset: Drain Punch, Aura Sphere, U-Turn, Wide Guard

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