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(Ooc: xD Did Kat just insult herself?)

Kilik Chambers

"Uh... Wheres that?" Kat asked. What, she didn't know where Eterna City was?

"Uh, it's that way." Kilik answered, but it seemed Kat wasn't listening, until...

"Nevermind!" Still didn't listen. As they walked along to Eterna City, Kilik kept an eye on Kat so she wouldn't do anything funny. So far she hasn't gained much of his trust, being cautious is the key at the moment.

As they neared Eterna City, Kat suddenly exclaimed something to him. "Uh... You have a Spirit right? If not, I cannot really travel with you. I can't protect a human. I wouldn't if I could anyway. Humans are stupid." Eh? Did she know what she just said?

"We're still human y'know. & for the record, I do have a Pokespirit." That was all he said. But he wasn't going to say what Pokespirit he ha-

"What are you doing?!" Reiki was freaked that Kilik would just say he had a Pokespirit. Why the heck would he do that?

"I saw her fuse earlier, so I know she has a Pokespirit. I thought it best I'd tell her too." He answered quietly back to Reiki. Sometimes he worries too much.

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