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    Kat happily walked next to Kilik. She could sense people near, but with him around, he could be her meat shield. Kat smirked at the thought. Suddenly thoughts and memories flashed through her mind. Kat gasped and Candlelight muttered (sorry... I'm sorry I cannot be better master. Sorry...) Kat started slowing down, not noticing if Kilik cared. Her eyes turned silver like they do when she fuses. She started tearing up and wiped her face. "Candle... I'm so sorry. N-No! Never. Never..." Kat wiped her face again and stood up shakily.

    Her face was slightly red now. "S-Sorry." Kat was still gasping as children do after crying. She looked up to Kilik (I think of Kilik as taller okay?) but took a deep breath and continued walking. Kat did not want to bring up her attack a moment ago, so just asked "W-What do y-you fuse to? M-My spirit is an Umbreon." Kat tried to smile, but it looked very fake. Kat thought about what Kilik said about us also being humans. "We're not human. If we were, why do Pokemon choose us? They don't choose all kids and no adults. Why make us the freaks? If we're not freaks, we're just not human. Not anymore." Kat looked to the ground while talking. (Act like you trust him Kat.) Kat nodded slightly.
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