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Kilik Chambers

At that moment later on, Kat suddenly began to cry. What was she crying about? She was saying sorry to someone. Her Pokespirit probably. It later tuned down a bit as she turned to Kilikk. "W-What do y-you fuse to? M-My spirit is an Umbreon." & here we go.

"My spirit is a Lucario. He' pretty loyal if you ask me." Reiki cringed from the sound of Kilik's exclaiment. Sure he was loyal, but he didn't want everyone to know that.

It seemed Kat calmed down a bit. She spoke again. "We're not human. If we were, why do Pokemon choose us? They don't choose all kids and no adults. Why make us the freaks? If we're not freaks, we're just not human. Not anymore." She is really taking that seriously. Think, what should Kilik say to turn this around? Or at least make her feel better?

"It's not what you have that makes you human or not. It's what you do & how you feel that makes you human." This statement also affected Kilik a little. He took a quick breath before remembering. He remembered when his mother told him a story of how everyone would work together, never fighting & they were all happy. No kills, no blood, just happy normal lives. If only it would come true.

He shook his head a little from his memory, too much for him. He will, one day, kill Nicholas for killing his parents. He's not ready, but soon enough he will be. "We're wasting time." He walked past Kat, making sure not to bump into her, heading into the city of Eterna City. Kat should take precaution & stay in her unfused form.

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