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    The city was darker then usual, but he needed food. Jayden soared, from building top to building top, surveying the ground, waiting for something to come out. A partially destroyed pokemart awaited his arrival so he leapt down, hid in the shadows & transformed myself into a common garbage can.

    “Jayden when’s dinner” Zoey cried her stomach clenching.
    “Soon, just wait a second” All the lights in the city turned off & Jayden knew if he was gonna strike; it’d have to be now. So he changed back into his fused form & dashed straight to the entrance. No one was inside so Jayden extended his claws & slashed a hole in the window, but strangely the alarm didn’t go off. He thought about it for a moment. “We don’t have the time for this Jayden.” She was right, of course. So he carefully edged his way through the glass & went straight to the food section.

    Something just wasn’t feeling right, so Jayden grabbed all he could carry & rushed for the hole. Unfortunately his gut was right.... he found himself stared down by an army of people, however most were scared or horrified. “Oh no”
    “Don’t worry Zoey we can get out of this” A small trickle of blood ran down his face. Now was Jayden's only chance of escape.

    Jayden soared into the air, did a quick flip & landed perfectly. One lady started clapping. They all looked at her. “Thank you thank you I’m here all week” Jayden started sprinting but that didn’t stop them. So Jayden sent 4 shadowy blobs backwards & kept going. Once he reached the small cave to the north he paused & turned back to normal. Just then Jayden realized that he had lost over half of what he stole. But hey it was better then nothing….
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