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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I think you mean 1-0, if anything, lol. Pretty sure there wasn't a 5-0 there. ;x

OKAY LET'S BE PRECISE. 2-0 @ first, 3-0 @ second, then 2-0. Also only one was on ladder and two was on normal, and one CC. XD

YOU DON'T SAY 5-0 IF 5 IF YOUR POKEMON DIE, fool. Wait unless you mean in CC, in which case that most likely did happen, lool.

Drakow are you trying to compete with Live...? XD

@Smurf: Well the numbers for the war are likely to increase, so most likely. You do have PO, right?
I wasn't even there and I'm pretty sure Live Wire did in fact 5-0 you back to preschool!

Lolwut! I'm not competing against Live. We're freaking partners in crime! We make the most sexiest and badass combination in the history of Pokecommunity. No . . . IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF!!!
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