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    I hope this is alright.

    Name: Ken Bala

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Pokémon Species: Gallade

    Newborn or Entrenched Mechanists: Entrenched Mechanist

    Job Title: Field Technician

    Appearance: Ken looks rather normal, being 5'3" and weighing just under 115 lbs. However, his arms are longer than normal. He also wears a set of armor, though to be more accurate it's only on the inside of his arms and plates for his lower legs. Ken's modified the plating on the arms and legs to house up to twenty pellets each, a one-way entrance that pops a pellet out whenever he bends his arm or leg the right way. Sleeping pellets go in the left arm plate and tear gas pellets in the right arm. As for the legs, lifting the knee past his hips pops out one of two pellets: poison in the left, and a specially-made version of the Boom Stick, compressed air into a pellet shell, in the right.

    On the underside of his elbows, just where the blades are, is another pair of plates. These are actually modifications to a pair of his father's old magnums, loaded with half a dozen bullets each (due to size differences) and used sparingly. Folding his arms then extending and retracting his elbow fires a bullet, so it's useful from higher positions, and the mechanism doesn't show, so people can't tell he has them unless they see it in action or manage to get the armor from him. Finally, built into the left arm guard is a magnetic compass. And it's just that; a magnetic compass.

    Personality: A kind man of few words nowadays, Ken Bala used to question anything and everything to find out what things were and how/why they worked. Of course, he still does, but to a lesser intensity. This gave him a curious naïvete in exploring and manufacturing, leading to his evolution and a keen sense of resourcefulness. He's easy-going in casual situations, and unnaturally tolerant of the things around him. That said, he prefers to avoid fighting instead of getting caught in it (leading to his device of choice being the pellets, but this tends to make him come off as weak), but Ken can certainly defend himself and his friends alike. As an Entrenched Mechanist, Ken shares an innate distaste and distrust for recent Newborns and Council citizens alike and tries to avoid them as well. (Granted, he's cautious around new people anyways.) He's almost always willing to help anyone he can, even the Newborns as long as they're eager to learn. In spite of this, he doesn't normally go looking to help or interact with people, but finds opportunities as he goes about his own business.

    In battle situations, Ken is more protective than he is offensive, despite his movepool being nothing but the latter. He usually tries to find ways around fighting, from staying in the trees like he prefers, to using his pellet supply (which he manages to somehow restock by the end of every day), to using his Shadow Sneak to even cutting down trees or rock formations with his blades so to make or block a path. He has a sense of chivalry if he doesn't have a choice of fighting or not, preferring not to harm a woman or kill, well, anyone, but instead show mercy to those he's beaten. He will, however, take prisoners or kill if necessary, such as a Knight who had obtained something important.

    History: Ken Bala was born in the Cerulean Enclave, having a Dusclops father, Kel, and Gardevoir mother, Selina. While his mother was a medic, he was always more keen on Dusclops' work as a field technician and the use and manufacture of the weapons. Otherwise, he spent his time for schooling or questioning how everything happened with a simple "Why?" Ken took a special liking to the pellets and the other easily carried weapons, taking the first chance he got to train as a field technician when he was 17. He was adept in quite a few aspects thanks to learning from his dad, and landed himself a job the next year before he finished school. Already into building armor when he was 19 as a Kirlia, Ken made himself sleeves and leggings, so to speak. They've been refined over the past seven years, even through his evolution into a Gallade.

    A while after he graduated, along with work, Ken (about 23 now) took to helping other kids get through the same specialization, even going so far as to joining them on their in-the-field tests. During a compass repair and usage test, Ken put it upon himself to demonstrate what exactly could happen if someone screwed up fixing one. Multiple times. The resulting "repairs" led his group to the edge of a Council city, a run-down tunnel that caved in, and a rock formation. The rock formation was strangely glowing a light blue-green, and Ken's curiosity got the better of him. Approaching the formation, the glow started to flow into him, and he could feel it. Now he just had to touch it, and the result was evolving into his final form, Gallade. His arms and legs were too big for the armor he made, so they broke around him, but he was otherwise content with the change, feeling much stronger.

    Okay, so the last example wasn't a good point of why someone should do whatever they can to make sure things run right, but the other two work alright. And Ken started showing much more physical prowess than he used to, too, alongside rebuilding and perfecting his armor into protective containers for his all-time favorite human tool, the explosive pellets, and even some of his dad's old weapons. This brought him to the attention of the Declarum Forces, and for the past three to four years he's taken field offers to work with the DF as a technician and in general field reconnaissance.

    Moveset: Leaf Blade; Night Slash; Psycho Cut; Shadow Sneak

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