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"Wow!" Scarlet said in a pretty obvious surprise, "I got bored..." and her voice faded from earshot as Alessa jumped out from behind the building and ran off toward the prison camp.

Alright, Sen, wanna start off with Shadow Sneak? The Kirlia couldn't agree more to this as the two soon spotted themselves a pair of guards. Aly sank into the ground, cruising along as a dark blob in the dirt and pavement before sticking her arms out and pantsing them both. She emerged a few meters in front of them, giggling like a schoolgirl while they struggled to get their pants back on. However, a Psychic was keeping their trousers yanked back down everytime the guards pulled them up.

Well, she did say she gets bored easily. Let's make sure they're duly humiliated before we get caught, alright? The next suggestion was straight out of Sen's disembodied mouth, and Alessa went with it. She simply cut off their pants entirely with a Magical Leaf, then ran off giggling as the guards tried to catch her while covering their shame with their shirts.

"Get back here you dumb brat!" one of them shouted, but of course she didn't. She turned a few corners, and the guards lost her, retreating for some new jeans and trying not to get seen. Then, as luck would have it, Aly bumped into another patrol, her sunhat falling off in the process. She knew she was in trouble, so she near-instantly put on her most innocent, fragile face. Wide, hurt eyes and pouty lips always worked on big lugs like a security officer. The ripped dress sleeve and frail skin tone certainly didn't hurt her endeavor, either.

The guard was sentimental by the display, as anyone with emotions should've been, and Alessa gave him an explanation of just wanting to play Tag with her friend and the guards. "Well, where's your friend?" he asked, helping her up and starting to lead her to the prison camp. Step one complete.

"She should be catching up now."

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