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Kerin woke up in the morning, a sleeping Marisa resting on his arm. He felt dazed when he woke up, the same feeling anyone gets when they wake up in a bed that is not your own. Last night, he had slept on Marisa's floor so everything was a little different from yesterday. After he had finally realised he was on his own floor, he maneuvered himself out from under Marisa's head and slipped out of bed and into the open living room.

The morning light streamed in through the blinds comfortably onto the sofa as Kerin fell into it. He was hungry, yeah, and thirsty too, but it wasn't quite what he was thinking about. In one hand, he was trying to keep a flame in his right palm perfect and controlled. In the other, he held his necklace he had received from Bernkastel, fingering the stones lightly. The instructor had told him he needed raw emotion to learn fire quickly but raw emotion meant that he would feel like he used to again, without Bernkastel's assistance to help him get over his troubles. He kind of liked how the Goddess had worded it; Demons in his heart. It made him think there was a tiny Ryuu down there, ripping everything to shreds.

The flame in his right hand wasn't keeping so well, often flicking between full flame the size of his palm and a tiny flame, like the ones you see from a match. So, what would happen if he released his little demon inside him and took off the alchemy? How long would it take until he wouldn't need it anymore? Slowly, he lifted his left hand, pulling his necklace up and around until it left his neck. The flame reacted first in his hand, almost exploding from his palm as he felt his gut twist in that peculiar way he knew so well. It all flooded so fast, outside the church, in his bed, on the floor, waking up. The flame spat from his hand, now moved down his arm, and fell to the floor, catching fire to the rug beneath his feet. Kerin quickly pulled the necklace on, almost soothing his mind and gut. The fire in his arm died immediately also, the only fire remaining being the one on the floor.

"Crap!" Kerin quickly jumped back, hitting the fire on the floor with a rug that was sprawled on the sofa. The fire went out and Kerin fell back into the chair. Well, that wasn't exactly as smooth as he thought it would be. His stomach rumbled again and rubbed his neck. Hopefully Marisa would be up soon.
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