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And here goes my SU! I've taken extra special care of this one, because Caedmon is extra special (Not in the derpy way, shut up).

So please, let me hear if you think this is viable for a second in command post! Otherwise, I look forward to beating down some Mechanist scum with the rest of you \o/

Name (Self-explanatory.): Caedmon Yeonart

Age (For Knights the age range can be from 15 to 35. For Mechanists the age range can be from 18 to 55): 30

Gender (Self-explanatory.): Male

Pokemon Species (What are you?): Lucario

Job Title: Second in command of the Knights of Oran.

Appearance (One paragraph required. Make sure to include your weapons/armor for this section.): Caedmon wears very knight-like, pure steel platemail across his body. He wears his protective armor almost like a second skin, very rarely seen without the shiny, dark-blue and black metal covering his body, sometimes seamlessly merging with the black and blue fur beneath.

However, for the sake of mobility, he isn’t completely covered in armor. He wears a pair of leg guards on the front of his legs, not covering up his paws, mind you, which are separate from the chestplate he also wears, giving way for the spike in the middle of his chest, with the Oran Berry, the mark of the Knights centered around it, as well as on his back.

He also wears armguards that stretch up to about his wrist, again, for the most mobility and protection he can afford, yet the armguards only cover up the upper side of his arms, once again separated from the chestplate. However, unlike normal Lucario, he was, for some reason, born without the appendages on his arms, which would later have turned into spikes, had he had them.

He has been seen wearing a helmet from time to time, which gives way for his hair-like appendages on the back of his head and his ears, the helmet neatly covering up the remainder of his face, as well as his snout. And like the rest of his gear, only covers the upper or front side of him, leaving his jaw and neck open. The helmet also has a vizier which he’s able to move down, and while wearing the helmet, he prefers to do so, protecting his sight.

Other than his armor, he seems like a fairly regular Lucario, with a stance that can range from stoic, while on the battlefield, to a sort of relaxed alertness, his looks mimicking that of any other Lucario, with the exception of his shorts-like legs, which are smoothed out against his legs in a fluid motion, giving room for the leg guards to cover him up properly.

Caedmon also wears a thin-chained pendant around his neck with a green gem socketed into it, which he treasures dearly. More so than any Knight normally would, for some reason.

Caedmon has seen alot of battle during his thirty years of living, but he has done a good job of keeping scars and permanent marks to a minimum. He has a couple across his arms, another across one of his ears, where it was evident it was nearly cut off at one point, as well as a large scar, moving from the top of his head, at the base of his left ear, and all the way down the back of his head, to his neck. Majority of his fur have luckily grown back, but it's still able to be seen.

Personality (Two paragraphs.): “Typical Lucario” could be a phrase often used for Caedmon, however it’s not entirely true. Granted, he is the typically stoic, honor-bound, at times silent and brooding sort of person. But around his fellow knights, especially when on leave, or when they’re not on a mission, he can be cheerful, even joke around at times, and generally smile and seem happy.

On the battlefield however, he takes his role extremely seriously, giving way for aiding his fellow Knights and delivering swift justice to the Declarum forces. He can at times come off as thoughtful, silently angry and generally a quiet guy, but in truth, he’s not all that certain about being a leader, though for his country and his people, he will give his utmost, and then a little extra.

History (From childhood to where you are now.)
Sidenote: Story is in spoilerbrackets for it's crazy length. Sorry for the spam!
Caedmon is, as he would call himself ‘Purebred’. He doesn’t exactly have anything against Pokémon that does not have the same species as both their mother and father, but he enjoys the thought of his parents both being of his own species.

When Caedmon was little, he grew up like any other Pokémon under the powerful influence of the council, in a council city, which in this case was Thimund. He was a happy Riolu, praised and loved by both of his parents and he was being groomed to become a Knight, fighting for what was right, and for the safety of the people and the country.

One fateful day however, when him and his parents were out in the woods slightly further away from Thimund than usually, for some reason (Got some character development in mind, want to leave some space to fiddle with It later ;3), they came across a band of Declarum forces, unknowingly being close to the Cerulean Enclave.

Caedmon will always remember this moment of his childhood; The Declarum forces instantly, upon seeing the happy family, leaped at them, his mother too busy trying to protect her child (Who was only four or so, at the time), while his father fought off the five-ten Pokémon.
He was ruthlessly slain, and before his mother could get very far with him, she had been struck down as well. And there he was, lying in his dead mothers’ arms, looking up at the Pokémon who had murdered his family, his eyes full of fear with tears streaking down his cheeks.
Before the Pokémon had managed to say anything, a shadow lept out from behind one of the trees, striking down two of the Declarum forces in an instant. Majority of the others ran away in fear, but a couple stayed to fight off the intruder.

Not long after, the surviving forces had fled into the forest, the mysterious Pokémon, now revealing himself to be a Zangoose, turned to Caedmon, slowly kneeling down in front of him, offering him a friendly, yet saddened smile, despite his scarred look and the scratched and dented armor he wore.
“Oh dear… this is not good. Don’t worry little one… we’ll get you somewhere safe.”

With that, the Zangoose scooped him into his arms, turning his back to the scene of the slaughter and moved towards Swine, the little Riolu not able to think of anything but his parents, tears still streaking down his cheeks, and his saddened cries erupting throughout the forest.

Caedmon grew up in the care of the trainers in Swine and began his training as a Knight as soon as he was old enough, his only friend and savior, who had turned out to be the current leader of the Knights, stopped by every now and then to oversee his training personally, and help him along the way.

From him, Caedmon learned of the most prominent features and duties of the knights. How a knight was supposed to put a civillian’s life before all else, how he should behave in front of his fellow knights. He learned about compassion, friendship, mercy and when not to show it as well as love and hate – And how to use it against your enemies.

Eventually and not long after he had begun his training, Caedmon had evolved into a Lucario, now showing his true potential as a fighter, being sent out on his own missions with his fellow knights. Caedmon quickly rose in the ranks, determined to become the best knight in the land, in order to protect those that could not protect themselves.

Eventually, his friend passed away, which left Caedmon feeling slightly empty inside. But the need to help others always came before his own, and so he pushed on, eventually locking away his sadness and turned it into determination.

Life went on, and he continued traversing the land, protecting it’s citizen’s and the council’s interests in keeping everyone safe and in check… and the Declarum away. A new leader of the knights had been appointed at this time, Maverick Renos. It didn’t take long for the council to realize how valuable Caedmon was to the country, and had him promoted to second-in-command, which left him both happy that he was able to protect others better, and worried that his leader skills might not be up to par with what was expected.

Having only done a couple of missions alongside Maverick, Caedmon was feeling a growing bond between the two, and he enjoyed aiding Maverick in helping whoever would require it.

And so, Caedmon has grown up, ready to face the world and the threat of the Declarum alongside Maverick and his fellow knights, without realizing that the reason his parents had succumbed to the Declarum, was because they had struck first, with an immeasurable hate that Caedmon had luckily forgotten all about, due to his young age.

Moveset (Only four moves. Mechanists can use TM and HM moves.): Aura Sphere, Close Combat, ExtremeSpeed, Force Palm.
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