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    I was a bit hesidant to join first as I've never been in a M-rated RP before, but hey, you've gotta try everything once right? :D
    Name: Neil Jarett

    Nickname: None

    Age: 12

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Neil is pretty short for his age and has a light build, build more for speed and mobility then raw strength. He has a short, messy hairdo which is dark brown, with light brown eyes. His outfit consists of black, half-destroyed sneakers, black pants and a simple tattered green shirt.

    When he is in his fused state, which he is mostly of the time, Neil's eyes turn light blue, his skin gains a very light green tone to it and a flower sprouts on his head. The flower is mostly hidden under the hair but one can see it if looking close enough.

    Personality: After the incident at Eterna City, Neil is pretty depressed. As a result, he tries to avoid people and rarely makes contact with anyone, mostly only if he has too. The only thing on his mind for the moment is survival and therefore, he don't really care about other people. But his social skills are still good, and Neil has no problem to socialize if he wants to. Fighting is the last thing Neil wants to do, and he will always try to settle things with words instead of fists. And if he do get into a fight, he can never deal the killing blow to someone, which can be a bad or a good thing, depending on how you see it. But if compromising proves to be impossible, he will fight if needed to survive. He is a bit naive, and can be easily persuaded if someone is clever enough.

    History: Neil was born and raised in Eterna City, where he was put in labor as soon as he was old enough to work, like many other children around. It was a decent life, not an easy one but not a harsh one either, so complaining or rebelling was not something that crossed the young boy's mind. But at the age of 10, rumors started to arise, and tales of kids who had been fused with a Pokémon's spirit was exchanged between the youngsters of the city. It was also said that kids between the age of 10 and 13 could travel to Mt. Coronet and receive a Pokéspirit of their own.

    Eventually, these rumors reached Neil and he became fascinated, wondering how it would be like to have one. As he was about to leave for the mountain with a bunch of the others, his parents along with some other adults interfered, stopping the kids from leaving the city. According to them, Pokéspirit wielders were freaks, abnormalities who should not be allowed to exist. They knew that they could not harm children under the age of 14, but they could at least stop them from going. So under 2 years, Neil continued with his life but the idea to go meet a Pokéspirit still lingered in the back of his mind. His parents never told him why he couldn’t go and at the end, curiosity took over.

    On his 12:th birthday, he finally mustered up the courage to go, and sneaked off as soon as the opportunity showed itself. When he reached Mt. Coronet, one of the spirits chose him and he left the mountain to return home with new-found powers and a friend for life. But when he returned to his parents, they suddenly grew hostile on him and even tried to kill him. Since Neil couldn’t bring himself to hurt his own parents, the only option left was to flee the city with his life barely intact. Falling into a depression, he started to make his own towards Children's City, a place said to accept everyone except adults, hoping to be able to build up a new life there.


    Species: Bellossom

    Nickname: Livia

    Personality: Livia is a kind and calm spirit. She cares a lot about her host and wishes to create a better world for the humans. Unlike Neil, she understands that one sometimes have to kill one for the benefit of hundreds.

    Moves: Sunny Day, Stun Spore, Synthesis, Energy Ball, Solorbeam, Sludge Bomb.

    Opening Post: The harsh wind blew across the land and picked up some dirt, throwing it in the young boy's face who was traveling down the road. He stopped for a moment before removing the dirt with a hand motion, letting out a sigh. With a sad expression, the boy returned his gaze to the ground and continued on with his journey. But he paused again when he felt the pain of hunger wash over him.'d been a while since he'd seen a decent meal. Some supplies would have been great right now. Noticing some plants a bit away from the road, he slowly made his way over. The boy pulled one out and checked it carefully. Hmm...looks editable. Pulling out some more, he quickly gobbled them down to fill his belly somewhat. The taste wasn't the greatest but if you were picky in the wild, you wouldn't survive long. With a bit of his energy restored, Neil followed the road once again.
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