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    Originally Posted by Greiger View Post
    @Saturated Hue You are reserved. Remember I am expecting a extremely good SU.
    I don't think I will disappoint.

    Name: Seth Redding

    Age: 22


    Pokemon Species: Flygon

    Job Title: Mechanist Spy

    Appearance: The first thing you would notice upon meeting Seth Redding would be the astonishing, yet outlandish coloration of his skin. He is primarily pale gray in color, bordering on white, with dark indigo antennae and tail stripes. Seth's body is also covered by something that is unheard of for Flygons—scales. These scales are thick, strong and durable, which means that they can be used as extra defense in battles. They also add a glistening shine to Seth's appearance when they are hit by light. When these scales are exposed to a particularly intense source of light, they emanate an extremely bright reflecion of that light, which can temporarily blind the enemy, in a very similar fashion as to how the move Flash works. The spheres covering his eyes are also a point of interest; they are heterochromatic, so to speak, even though they are technically not his eyes. His left eye is light blue in color, while his right is emerald, courtesy of the Gem of Knighthood installed in the outermost layer.

    Seth is also a particularly large Flygon, standing at the height of eight feet three inches, whereas normal Flygons' maximum size hover around seven feet. He is, however, ever-so-slightly scrawnier than normal Flygons, with a thinner body, a longer tail and arms, as well as narrower wings. At the end of his long tail, where three diamonds would be were Seth a normal Flygon, is instead a sharp clear rhombus over a foot in length, which can be used as a lance of sorts to attack enemies. His wings are thicker than normal Flygons', and is also covered by a thick layer of scales, eliminating the need to cover it with armor. They are, however, hollow and narrower than normal, so they weigh about as much as normal Flygon wings.

    Seth's armor is a platemail with one main plate covering his torso, which is the only plate he keeps on outside of battle. This plate has two large holes at the back to make way for Seth's wings. Seth's shoulders are covered by three cascading plates each, which are tied to his shoulders by thin strips of metal. The spherical area of his legs are covered by the thickest scales on his body, so they are durable enough to not need armor, while the actual legs are covered by tube-like plates. At the end of these tubes are shoe-shaped plates that serves as protection for Seth's feet. Seth also dons a full-faced helmet in battle, which covers his entire face, barring the eyes and snout. A hook comes out of the back area and is attached to the platemail's main plate. The entire platemail is colored indigo, the same color as Seth's antennae and tail stripes.

    Personality: To every normal civilian and almost the entirety of the Knights of the Oran corps, Seth is a normal Knight in every sense of the word. He is a mindless drone that follows the Council of Five's every order, prays daily to Arceus and Articuno, and abide and live by the Knights of the Oran's code of honor. In fact, if it wasn't for his abnormal physique, nobody would actually recognize him as Seth Redding and set him apart from his fellow Knights. To them, he was just a passerby. Just someone of no importance, another Knight in the gutter, another drop in the sea.

    And yet, this is all a facade. To anybody respectable enough to know his true colors, Seth is the playful jokester that isn't afraid to make catty remarks to people of higher ranks than him, even if they are part of the Council of Five. He does, however, live by the Knights of the Oran's code of honor, even though he does bend and twist some of the rules contained within to fit his morals, particularly the second rule. If somebody is “suspected of” breaking any laws the Council of Five passes, and Seth believes that they are in fact innocent, he will try to the best of his abilities to help them. Of course, since he is a master at being discreet, none of the Council of Five or the other Knights of the Oran knows about this practice.

    Living as a spy has made Seth very secretive, and it is hard for him to trust anybody. He makes mental notes to himself whenever someone behaves abnormally, and takes extra care to not let precious informations fall into enemy hands. This untrusting side of him is hardly ever seen though, and if he does slip up (which has less than 1% chance of happening), it is quickly covered up and denied. He often internally questions decisions made by the Council of Five, though he never outwardly complains.

    As an inflitrator inside of the Mechanist's ranks, Seth is extremely knowledgeable about the Mechanist's various machineries, and is fully capable of using a great majority of their weapons. Due to him knowing their ins and outs, most of the Mechanist's weapons will be very ineffective when used on Seth. He is also fairly knowledgeable in medicines, knowing recipes for herbal medicines by heart and carrying several ready-use medicines between his platemail and his belly.

    History: For as long as Seth could remember, he had no mother. He was born the only child of a former Knight-Commander. Seth's father was a courageous and wise man who taught Seth that while a Knight should abide and live by the Knight of the Oran's code of honor, he shouldn't be afraid to put a foot down and prioritize his own beliefs. Seth held his father in very high regard, and since a very young age made up his mind to follow his father's footsteps and join the Knights of the Oran.

    Since he was barely able to stand, Seth has shown interest in battles. He would watch his father training with his fellow Knights, and make mental notes to himself about their techniques. As a result, from the moment Seth was physically capable to be trained to join the Knights of the Oran, his battling abilities far surpassed any other upstart pupils such as himself. He always strived to better himself and live up to the expectations set by his father's status as Knight-Commander.

    As somebody who commanded a legion of soldiers against another, however, it was inevitable that Seth's father eventually met his end in the battlefield. His death shocked Seth, and encouraged him to train even harder; this time, it was not to live up to his father. It was to avenge him. With plenty of hard work and a little luck, Seth was accepted into the Knights of the Oran's ranks at the age of sixteen. Although he was young, Seth showcased amazing capabilities in combat from day one, and quickly rose through the ranks.

    During his fourth year of serving in the military, Seth got in a particularly messy battle with the Mechanists. It was a very one-sided battle in which many of his comrades fell. Seth was lucky enough to avoid their fate, though the battle left him with critical wounds all over his body and a broken right goggle. Seth had to take several months off from the military to recover his wounds, but there was one damage he never recovered from. As a reminder to himself how brutal these battles could get, he refused to install new goggles to cover his right eye, and instead covered it with several layers of glass, with the final layer being his Gem of Knighthood. He had a blacksmith fashion the Gem so that it looked like a real goggle, and very few knows that it is actually artificial.

    His promotion to Mechanist Spy came as a shock. As far as he was concerned, Seth was doing well in this whole battling thing, but he'd never thought he'd get promoted into such an important part of the Knights of the Oran. Seth suspected—and still suspects—that this has something to do with his late father's status as a former Knight-Commander, but he decided to make the most of the opportunity he was given rather than wallow on the past.

    Dragon Tail: Seth uses this move to quickly dispatch large quantities of enemies. The blade at the end of his tail means that this move will do more damage than a regular Dragon Tail, but the main reason Seth shoves stronger moves such as Dragon Claw and Outrage aside in favor of Dragon Tail is still due to the former reason.

    Flamethrowereth uses Flamethrower to knock out foes who are not affected by Dragon Tail (Steel-types). It is also his main long-range attack.

    Earthquake: Earthquake is Seth's answer to most spread-out battle formations, as it mercilessly attacks any and all targets within a large radius, resulting in quick kills.

    Double Team: This is Seth's personal favorite move, as it allows Seth to stall for time should things go awry. It also makes for a great intimidating facade should Seth be surrounded by many opponents.

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