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I don't where to post this so I'll post it here. I'm looking for code to get all the tm's. My friend and I have already beat the elite four and we have pokemon we would love to teach moves and battle eachother but either can't get them or have already used them. Not a single code we have tried worked.
94000130 FFBB0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
D5000000 005A0148
C0000000 0000005B
D6000000 000009B0
D4000000 00000001
D2000000 00000000

We tried many variations of this code such as 63 instead of the 5B and others but none of them worked, and we press select + up everywhere. Really, I have looked at at least 10+ sites and this is literally a last resort. We don't cheat for everything, we might glitch a low lvl pokemon but we raise it ourselves. Please help