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    Originally Posted by fenyx4 View Post

    Awesome job with the music compositions, Tobinus! The theme for Shadefern Forest is simply wonderful; I love the sense of tranquility and quietness that it exudes. :cer_nod: And I agree with others who have commented; it does sound like something from The Legend of Zelda series, along with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and/or Golden Sun. I was a bit surprised when I first found out that the video automatically loops/looped by itself. :cer_laugh:
    That's actually a YouTube "bug" - if you put a pause annotation at the end of a video, it will loop. It happened by chance for me
    As for your comments, thank you very much! I really like Zelda and PMD, so I may very well have been influenced by them. The beautiness of the LoZ music and the "catchiness" of the PMD music fascinates me.

    Originally Posted by fenyx4 View Post
    As for Pokemon Garnet's title theme (Version 1) that was posted, that was an excellent composition! The part between 1:29 and 1:34 was very awesome; I kind of wish it was slightly extended (while preserving the parts before and after it) in order to possibly give the ending a more "complete feel". Also, I'm wondering if it would be possible to incorporate the 0:00-0:12 part of the classic Pokemon theme (this video containing the tune I'm referencing) and then lead into the title theme for Garnet Version. As an example, the opening for Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Versions manages to slightly remix that part I'm referencing from 0:35-0:50, and still has its own "independent" theme starting at 0:51 onwards.
    Finally, the ending of Garnet's title theme kind of reminds me of a triumphant seafaring voyage theme as well as RuneScape music for some reason. XD Again, stellar work on the musical pieces.
    I will do an experiment and see what it sounds like if I (most likely) double the length of the part you mention. As for your suggestion about the "Pokémon Intro Battle" theme.. I view the Title Theme and the Opening Theme as two different themes. I therefore did not include that piece of music, since I probably will use it for the opening (I hope) Whenever I make the opening theme, I may take another look at the title theme, so that it goes hand-in-hand with the opening.

    Originally Posted by fenyx4 View Post
    And to show my appreciation for the tracks (and in the hope that other visitors can also hear their awesomeness); I've added entries for Garnet Version's "Title Theme (version 1)" and "Shadefern Forest" to the Crowning Music of Awesome page for Pokemon music on TVTropes (they can be seen in the "Fan Games/ROM Hacks" section of the page near the bottom).

    Keep up the great work with the terrific visuals and the music for Garnet Version!
    Haha, thank you so much again! I didn't know about that page, but seeing my name on the list feels... special! xD
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