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    Nickname/What you want to be called: Ashera
    Position: Spriter, Mapper, Tile Maker, Thourough Beta Tester
    Timezone: EST
    When I'll be on: Varies
    Proof of Work: See attachments. The map is called Millenium Cave. On the platform at the end is where I would have put Jirachi, had I not found out, after working on the map and its various tiles for nearly half the day, that I completely fail at overworld spriting. The blue colors of the map aren't the best though... The eeveelution is called Silveon, and the Darkrai/Cresselia splice is called Darkselia. I'm pretty good, and getting better, at making tiles.

    Way of contact: PM me.
    Why you want to join: I wanted to get more practice beta testing, put my spriting skills to use, and actually work on a hack for once, rather than just fiddling around with roms at home, hopelessly awful at scripting. Plus, Team Rocket is awesome.

    You know, the more I think about it, the worse that shade of blue seems to get...
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