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Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
Also, guys, the RPAs end in about 4 or so days. GIT YOUR NOMINATIONS IN!!!


@-DeepImpact-: Anything besides your funky take on magic that I don't like just because you did it and anything you do is horrid because daddy does not love you and you ruin everything you have destroyed the arcane arts for us all I hope you're happy because I'm not I'm actually really annoyed and very angryface and I want to slap you with an angry Magikarp and I think that regular knights are stupid so you should stop trying to even the odds because it's not actually possible since magic is so awesomesauce that nothing can beat it especially not you and your screwy ways.
Long run on sentence with zero punctuation. FUN.

In other news I'm super lazy and need to stop being super lazy.
I'm also back to being gone on weekends since I have to use my mom's computer, as mine is evil, and I'm not at my mom's on weekends. Or vacations. ;~;
I could actually probably make OOC posts, but that's it. Nothing long or overly detailed, lol.

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