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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post

    These could also be references to R/S/E remakes, they wouldn't bring out a game with something like Hoenn in a year and a half after the release of BW, not to mention how quick these games are being released assuming there is a new region/location it can't be that big... Hoenn would take much longer than 1.5 years to develop and they couldn't be working on both Black & White AND Black & White 2 at the same time, I highly doubt it anyway. Unless you're talking about just the weather trio being in B2W2 then that is possible..
    the games started production right after the release of Black and White in japan, at least thats what i read online, it makes since as well, so the games would be in production for a relatively long time, think about it, when most of us bought our games on day one they were probably almost 6 months into production.

    but i know its a long shot for Hoenn to be in the games, personally i really want a remake as well, but even if they surprised us with Hoenn in the games doesnt exactly rule out a remake, it just means they wanted to put every region on DS, seeing as the next games will surely be on 3DS

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