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Originally Posted by Rumille View Post
Just when I create a new map in Advancemap, I have to select width and height and then choose 2 tilesets. Most of the times, when I choose those two tilesets, they come out glitchy and are impossible to use for creating maps. Although sometimes I choose a different combination of tilesets and they come out fine.
That's because there are two tilesets that should always be used in Tileset 1 (0 and 12 in FR/LG, 0 and 14 in R/S/E) depending on whether you're making an exterior or interior map. These tilesets should always be used because they provide a 'backbone' for the secondary tilesets which borrow tiles from them and are the reason why everything looks 'glitchy'. You can't put two tilesets which have been designed as secondaries together so you are limited in that regard.