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    Echo stared at his hand as a purple cloud of energy began to form in it. He was standing out off to the side of a ruined path he had been traveling down. It was a cloudy night and most of the stars and the moon were hidden. Nights like this always made him feel stronger, but tonight it was different… his strength had increased dramatically after slaying that girl with a Pokespirit. He knew his ability to absorb souls into his body made him stronger, but until now all he had killed was normal humans. This girl had given him more power than all the normal humans he had killed so far.

    ‘If I kill more I will become more powerful… If I become powerful enough no one will be able to hurt me,’ thought Echo. He continued to stare at the glowing orb of violent energy. ‘Pain? Really? I have endured so much what does pain matter to me? Feel this power… with it I can fill this emptiness,’ came a sudden thought that made Echo almost smile. The wind began to blow and it pulled at his body, but he lacked the ability to feel it against his form. Instead all he could feel was its attempt to drag what little physical body he had away. “I am merely a shadow… no I can’t be… I must be more than just a shadow,” whispered Echo to himself as he closed his hand around the ball of energy reabsorbing it into his body.

    Just then he noticed others coming down the seldom used road. Looking over in their direction he could see them long before they would see his black form in this darkness. ‘Someone is coming... are they just humans or those pokespirit ones? Should I attack them? No I shouldn't kill every one I meet yet. There are likely some out there stronger than me one must be careful,' thought Echo as he watched them approach him. They would likely see his yellow eyes before they saw the rest of his body. He decided not pull out his blade unless they showed any signs of aggression toward him.
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