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    Originally Posted by AnastasiaStardustXiaolong View Post
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon:They first partner was a poochyena actually- as soon a si caught one my starter was in the PC
    Your partners: Zorua{Night],Umbreon{Rosette}
    What Types rule:Dark types rule everything..........Nothing else matters. X3
    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Sector Revenge
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon:
    They have Dark Aura about them and they are evil-ish looking!
    Your partners: (Up to two)
    Zoroark (Zoey) & Umbreon(Zankou)
    What Types rule:
    Of course it's Dark type. Dark type would so destroy Psychics! resistance

    Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: They're strong and some of the coolest Pokemon are Dark-types.
    Your partners: Umbreon and Absol
    What Types rule: DARK TYPES RULE
    Originally Posted by AmiEkcona View Post
    Username: AmiEkcona
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Dark-typed Pokemon PWN.
    Your partners: Umbreon and Zorua
    What Types rule: Dark-types! They're sneaky and even better than Ghost-types.
    Welcome to the club~ Sorry for the absence...I thought it was dead since one uneventful morning, I saw it on the very bottom of the stack, and thought it wouldn't survive...but here I was wrong, and will continue to update this now. Is relieved Two partners for each? Granted.

    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    welcome to the club both of you.

    I think we need a new topic.

    Before generation IV, all Dark-type moves were special. However, the presence of powerful Dark-type moves like Crunch, Pursuit, and Thief certainly does not make Dark all that special. So: Do you think it was right to classify them as Special moves? Also, discuss anything related to Dark-type, preGenIV.
    I don't see why they would be special however, got confused. I used to believe special moves were moves that weren't physical, such as Psychic or flamethrower...until I learned some physical attacks were special, then I flipped out around there.

    Originally Posted by ShinyHoundoom View Post
    Username: ShinyHounddom
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: A good type to use
    Your partners: Houndoom and Tyranitar
    What Types rule: Dark-types Rule!
    Welcome ShinyHoundoom! I see we you love Houndoom...I never encountered a shiny before though...would be a miracle of some sort...

    Originally Posted by Houndoomed View Post
    I thought I'd post a pic of my Real life Houndoom, since there's another Houndoom fan on here, His name is Spiro, he knows a few moves, Crunch, pursuit and flamethrower (From the wrong end though, lol)

    Awww...that is a very cool-looking Houndoom. :cer_smile: I used to be a fan of Houndoom...and still am actually, I guess I don't show it much: the fact it has "doom" on the name makes it epic enough.

    Originally Posted by Dark Zoroark View Post
    Username: Dark Zoroark
    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: RAWR!! THEY ROCK!!
    Your partners: (Up to two) Zoroark and Krookodile
    What Types rule: Duh? DARK!!!
    Welcome! I had no idea what RAWR meant until a friend told me what it actually meant. X3 Zoroark is a favorite of mine as well.

    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    Yes, yes.

    Let's have a new topic.

    Which of Dark's weakness pose the greatest threat to the Dark type, in your opinion. Support you answer. Discuss.
    Fighting type is a pain at times, and some bugs actually do end up nearly killing mine if they're at a decent level. I would get killed with a Focus Blast, which makes me go down on the mood. Bisharp is an exception though, with his high defenses.....and others, yet some dark types, such as Weavile, wouldn't survive such hits.