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Scarlet Johnson

"Fine then, get caught and be a slave." Syrena and Scarlet just finished another mind argument, when would she stop doubting her new friend? Scarlet didn't reply to Syrena, she looked at Alessa which was standing up and going out of there hiding spot. Scarlet carefully peeked to see what Alessa was doing, she saw two guards pant's pulled down. Scarlet snickered a little but made sure to keep quiet. "Get back here you dumb brat!" One of the guards shouted as they started to chase Alessa. Scarlet ducked down, now it was her turn. "Be careful, this may of all things be a trap." Syrena insisted again. Scarlet rolled her eye's a peeked again, the guards were almost all gone.

Scarlet stood up and carefully sneaked out, not being noticed by the guards. What to do now? "Use Magical Leaf to cut that guards spiky hair." Syrena suggested, finally a good idea from her. Scarlet nodded, "Okay." Then used a magical Leaf which made one of the guards hair fall off on the middle. Scarlet laughed when the guard turned around, "You look so ugly now!" She teased. The guard turned angry, "Ma bea'iful hair!" He said in a angry tone. Scarlet burst with laughter, "What kind of accent is that!" She laughed even harder now. "Deep breaths Scarlet, deep breaths." Syrena soothed. Scarlet put her hand on her heart and started to breath.

The guard started to charge at Scarlet followed by three other guards. One of the guard tripped over some piece of hay and Scarlet laughed, then quickly looked forward and kept running. The other two guards kept running, they were pretty fast, "Just let them catch you now, before you get to tired." Syrena said in a worried tone. Scarlet gave a slight nod and stamped on her foot by accident. "Oh god! Owch!" Scarlet stopped running and hoped on one leg, running her foot. The guard had now caught up to her, they surrounded her and Scarlet put her foot down. One of the guards then grabbed Scarlet's arm and so did another and held it tight. "Woah, strong grip for a skinny guy."

She teased, giggling a little. The guard growled which made Scarlet stay quiet. She then let the guard take her to the prison camp.

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